Dr. Janet Smith: My Experience at the Latin Mass was Extraordinary

Dr. Smith’s reflection expresses perfectly my own experience a few years ago, when I attended my first TLM.

liturgy guy

The following reflection by Dr. Janet E. Smith originally appeared as a post on her Facebook page. It is reprinted here with her permission.

My experience at the TLM yesterday was extraordinary. I seem to occupy a deeper place of prayer and adoration the more I attend.

Before Mass I find myself quite immediately plunged into the joys of silence. And as I pray the prayers of the Mass I experience much profounder contrition for my sins, great concern for my soul and the souls of others.

And then I marvel at the grand movements on the altar to prepare for the sublime moments of consecration. The chant seems to banish all anxiety from my being. I experience virtually no distracting thoughts.

I believe I am just beginning to experience what the Traditional Latin Mass offers.

Prior to her recent retirement, Dr. Smith held the Father Michael J. McGivney Chair…

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