Is It Not Patently Obvious That This Is Designed for the State and Pervert Allies in the Catholic Hierarchy to Persecute Faithful Priests?

The Timman has some pithy and, I think, accurate comments concerning the recently enacted law in Australia that purports to invalidate the seal of the confessional.

Saint Louis Catholic

So-called mandatory reporting laws that purport to be able to break the seal of the confessional have gone into effect in Australia. Yes, Australia, the true offspring of England, where persecuting Catholics is part of the nation’s fiber. Sorry, fibre, if you prefer.

Cardinal Pell rots in a cell on a highly suspect charge, deprived of due process. And yet, if he had managed to get a fair trial, all that would have been required for his enemies to do him in would be to set up one of their patsies to have his confession heard by the Cardinal, and then “in remorse” go to the police and confess a crime of a vile nature. True or false, Pell could have been prosecuted for failure to report. Then I guess the “whistleblower” could travel to some Caribbean island with Mr. McCarrick and avoid further scrutiny.

Far-fetched? Quite the opposite…

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