The Social Kingship of Christ

Today, the last Sunday in October, is the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King (Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Regis), according to the pre-Vatican II calendar of the Church which is still observed by those clergy and religious who celebrate the Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum, and the Divine Office according to … Continue reading The Social Kingship of Christ

Feast of Christ the King

Couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t try. Thanks, Timman.
Such a tragedy that in less than a century since this feast was instituted by His Holiness Pius XI, our society has been so thoroughly secularized that even most Catholics give blank stares in response to any mention of the Social Kingship of Christ.

Saint Louis Catholic

All praise, honor and glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ, the One and Only King of the Universe! He is King of all hearts, of all souls, of everyone. Of every nation. He reigns over kings and countries. He is absolutely sovereign always and everywhere, in time and eternity.

He is our King. Your King. The Only-Begotten Son of the Father. We are all ruled by Him.

So submit your wills to Him willingly and taste the sweetness of His reign. Or rebel, and face His terrible wrath.

In all the little battles against the enemy, and in the momentous battle so obviously at our door, be faithful to the True King! Be steadfast! Have courage, little flock, for your redemption is at hand!

Christ the King, reign over us! Christ the King, have mercy on us! Mary, Queen Mother, intercede for us with your Son!

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Archbishop Vigano Keeps Telling the Truth

I once again restate an excellent post by The Timman. I couldn’t agree more with his sentiments.

Saint Louis Catholic

This time he states the obvious, but obviously necessary to make widely known, truth about Joe Biden: that he is a demented, easily-controlled front man for the New World Order and advent of antichrist. Sound too dramatic? Tough. From Lifesite:


October 1, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Editor’s note: The following interview was given by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to the Italian daily Il Giornale reporter Francesco Boezi. The English translation was sent to LifeSite for publication by Archbishop Viganò.

Did you organize a Rosary for Trump, and, if so, why?

I was urged by many people to launch this initiative, and I did not hesitate to join it, becoming the promoter of this spiritual crusade. This is a war without quarter, in which Satan has been unchained and the gates of hell are trying in every way to prevail over the Church herself. Such a contradiction must be…

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Public Thanks to Ann Barnhardt

I pass along The Timman’s thoughts concerning the redoubtable Ann Barnhardt, with my hearty endorsement.

Saint Louis Catholic

I’ve read her for years, and though not always in agreement on all fronts, have always admired her moxie and her lack of giving a [fig] if you don’t like her saying what she believes to be true. And I finally, through her blog being the medium that made the Mazza thesis known to me, have become convinced of my own mind in the Benedict-is-still-pope follies.

So, thanks for that.

But I now want to thank her for her stalwart and unstinting defense of reality as it relates to the coronacold, particularly the satanic mask and lockdown scam, and where it is all headed. She obviously knows that absent Marian or other supernatural intervention, we are doomed and on the road to antichrist.

Ann’s sense of humor and unwillingness to live the lie gives me, and should give to you, confidence to live the real. You’re not alone. Our Lady…

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2 Investigative Journalists: Corona coverage is Corona Hype

Why do I have the feeling that this same sort of thing is happening in the U.S. as we write?


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

FromRome.Info presents here an un-official English translation of a public letter of protest by Catherine Riva and Serena Tinari, 2 investigative journalists who specialize in the coverage of health issues in Switzerland, and co-founders in 2015 of Re-Check, an organization which reports on issues of the quality of health care in the Helvetian Republic. They wrote in French at, on April 5, 2020.

Swiss media and coronavirus: stop fueling fear

by Catherine Riva & Serena Tinari

We are concerned that the current media coverage of the coronavirus epidemic is primarily anxiety and emotional. This stems at least from two factors: on the one hand, a presentation of the figures which does not allow to get as realistic a view as possible of the gravity of the epidemic and the way it is evolving in Switzerland; on the other, to the tendency to pinpoint unrepresentative…

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You Want Ecumenical Outreach? Here Ya Go:

The Timman nails it. Listen up. y’all.

Saint Louis Catholic

Two items came across my lockdown transom recently, one thanks to by brother and one thanks to LRC blog.  No, they’re not the same source, but I forgive you for wondering.

These little reflections from our separated brethren show more religious- and common- sense, and more faith-filled courage, than anything you hear out of the guy in Rome or his legion of toadies in the world.

Item one, from protestant pastor Josh Hurley:

Remember that time Daniel was told not to pray: His friends told him it would be dangerous to keep praying and he was supposed to respect the king. So, instead he compromised and went into his inner closet to pray?

Remember that time Esther had the opportunity to save her entire people but Mordechai reminded her that it would be disrespectful to the king and would be dangerous to even try, so instead she went and…

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The Gospels, “Q”, and “The Synoptic Problem”

Since the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, there has been a spike in social media traffic concerning something called "Qanon", with political leftists in an unusually elevated (even for them) state of agitation, and those on the right responding more or less in kind.  If you're really bored, run … Continue reading The Gospels, “Q”, and “The Synoptic Problem”