Archbishop Lenga: It is difficult to believe that Benedict freely resigned

Stone by stone, an edifice begins to appear. This is a re-post by Br. Alexis of a letter originally published in January of 2015. It is one of many bits of information that should be of great interest to those of us who, as of that time, rejected strongly the notion that, in essence, the entire Roman curia was gaslighting the faithful, and may have been doing so for decades.

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The Intention of Freemasonry
is being Implemented in the Church

FromRome.Info reprints this incisive and prophetic testimony
of Mons Lenga, from 5 years ago.

Rome, February 10, 2015:  His Excellency Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, bishop emeritus of the Diocese of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, has issued a grave warning to all the Catholic Faithful.  We reprint his letter of January 1, 2015 A.D., from the version published in English at Rorate Caeli Blog, one of the premier news blogs for Catholics faithful to ecclesiastical tradition. Bishop Lenga resigned from his episcopal duties on February 5th.


Reflections on some current problems of the crisis of the Catholic Church

I had the experience of living with priests who were in Stalinist prisons and camps and who nevertheless remained faithful to the Church. During the time of persecution they fulfilled with love their priestly duty in preaching Catholic doctrine thereby leading a…

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