Saint Ivo of Kermartin, patron of lawyers and canonists

My sincere thanks to Br Alexis Bugnolo for inviting me to contribute to his blog and for publishing this piece. In case no one has figured it out yet, I am @txtradcatholic. 🙂

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By Attorney Frank Magill

As a convert, one of the aspects of Catholicism that I find most appealing is the Communion of Saints. Here, awaiting only our willingness to read and learn, is a treasure-trove of inspiration and wisdom, both practical and intellectual. Coming from every conceivable background, the most humble fisherman to the high-born, the dregs of society to royalty, the saints teach us how to live virtuously, to receive and revere the Sacraments, to overcome the greatest of challenges, to pray and practice devotions: in short, how to get to Heaven — if we will but follow their example.

It would be hard to find a more compelling example of a holy and virtuous life than that set by St. Ivo1 of Kermartin, who is revered as a patron saint of lawyers and judges as well as abandoned children. Most everyone has heard of St. Thomas More…

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