Please, Someone Invent Flying Cars (Or Something)

This has almost nothing to do with the Church or Tradition. It’s simply me taking an opportunity to complain more or less publicly about the difficulty and danger, leading to great frustration, of driving on certain Interstate highways and sharing that space with the big trucks. Don’t get me wrong: I love my food and … Continue reading Please, Someone Invent Flying Cars (Or Something)

Reblog: Some Coronavirus Catch-Up

Reposting here, with permission, some excellent comments from Boniface on his blog, Here goes: Some Coronavirus Catch-Up Greetings, friends. I've had a lot of thoughts over the past several weeks and every time I sat down to share them, something else drew my attention away or some other rumination caused me to pause and reevaluate … Continue reading Reblog: Some Coronavirus Catch-Up