Freedom of Opinion is Dying

And the Free Exercise Clause May Be Next

H/T to Robert W. Malone, MD (

I’ve copied and am pasting here a short segment from Dr. Malone’s Sunday Strip of today, December 11, 2022. Its lesson concerning the endangered state of freedom of opinion applies equally to the free exercise of religion in the USA, Canada, and much of the West, in places where such liberty had been, until recently, a cherished social value:

Freedom of opinion is no longer allowed in the public spaces. Therefore, just speaking our truth clearly becomes an act of rebellion.

As long as freedom of opinion is no longer safeguarded, the world of the early 20th century, the world of Bertrand Russell, no longer exists.

To “trust the experts,” freedom of opinion must be universal.

The is a moment in time, where being a lion, being free is paramount. Learn to speak your truth, share your opinion and make America free again.

The right to exercise one’s religion cannot be confined, as the Left would have it, to one’s private life. If one cannot obey the law of God in his secular or ecclesial vocation at all times, regardless of context, the most essential aspect of what the political philosophers call “ordered liberty” is obliterated.

And make no mistake: the recently passed “Respect for Marriage Act” in the United States Congress, a title that rivals “Traditiones Custodes” in the inherent contradiction between itself and what the document actually does, will contribute mightily to obliteration of the right of free exercise in this country for anyone who seeks to live fully in accordance with Natural Law and Divine revelation. Crafted, I have no doubt, with the active assistance of those ever-reliable supporters of the Democrat Party known as the plaintiffs’ trial bar, the Act sets up for the lawyers and the well-financed NGO’s of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ mafia a scheme to enable financially catastrophic litigation against those who offend their tender sensibilities. It will thus become effectively unlawful, as it already has begun to be in Canada and most of Europe, to teach, preach, or publicly espouse God’s truth about human life, marriage, and the family. Yes, the overruling of Roe v. Wade, which was widely acknowledged even by liberal law professors to have been one of the worst-reasoned opinions in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, was a giant step forward for the culture of life. The RMA, however, has the potential to have just as large an impact in the other direction, as a major weapon in the Left’s effort to silence all opposition to their “brave new world” of sexual license without consequences.

Whether this execrable exercise in legislative social engineering will ultimately lead to another Supreme Court test remains to be seen. I have heard at least one commentator offer the opinion that the RMA is actually designed to provoke a challenge, (an unsuccessful one, they hope), to the Obergefell ruling that purported to find a Constitutional right to same-sex “marriage.” But regardless, let’s pray for the strength of faith (and finances) of the persons or institutions who are forced to defend against RMA-based litigation, at what certainly will be massive expense and effort. And that effort will be, your humble blogger believes, critical to the survival of the intended meaning of the First Amendment’s free exercise clause. So get out those Rosaries and pass the popcorn.

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

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