A Quick Take On Events in the USA

This is still not a political blog. But one would have to be in a Carthusian monastery not to know that things in the not-so-United States of America are more than a little bit strange right now.

In my last post I said all I plan to say about phony Catholics, and how they need our prayers. That of course remains true.

But now I want to ask you to please just pray for the United States of America, as it was intended to be. Yes, it has a history of anti-Catholicism, and obviously there are other things about our history that shouldn’t make us too proud. But our form of government and our economic structure have, by and large, proven over the years to be the best combination in all of human history for the ability of individuals to achieve a level of prosperity and personal freedom unheard of anywhere else, ever. If you need “sources” for that statement, I’m wasting my time trying to communicate with you, anyway, so I won’t bother. In truth, my vision of an ideal government would be something else I won’t go into right now, but it’s pretty hard to deny, unless you’ve been indoctrinated by today’s Left, that this country has been the best place on Earth to live for at least the past century or so, maybe longer.

So with all her faults, please pray for the survival of the United States as a viable Republic. That has never been in as much danger as it is in right now. God Bless America.

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

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