Feast of Christ the King

Couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t try. Thanks, Timman.
Such a tragedy that in less than a century since this feast was instituted by His Holiness Pius XI, our society has been so thoroughly secularized that even most Catholics give blank stares in response to any mention of the Social Kingship of Christ.

Saint Louis Catholic

All praise, honor and glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ, the One and Only King of the Universe! He is King of all hearts, of all souls, of everyone. Of every nation. He reigns over kings and countries. He is absolutely sovereign always and everywhere, in time and eternity.

He is our King. Your King. The Only-Begotten Son of the Father. We are all ruled by Him.

So submit your wills to Him willingly and taste the sweetness of His reign. Or rebel, and face His terrible wrath.

In all the little battles against the enemy, and in the momentous battle so obviously at our door, be faithful to the True King! Be steadfast! Have courage, little flock, for your redemption is at hand!

Christ the King, reign over us! Christ the King, have mercy on us! Mary, Queen Mother, intercede for us with your Son!

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