Trust in Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints

Here are a couple of links to good articles on the disgusting spectacle we are now enduring, that of hierarchical complicity in horrific sexual sins committed by priests, bishops and even cardinals against, almost exclusively, young men and adolescent boys.  This, despite having assured us sixteen years ago that the problem of homosexual abuse by clergy was behind us.  Since virtually the entire hierarchy in the United States appears to have at least known something was terribly wrong, even if they didn’t know details, and since many clearly did know details yet remained silent, they have lost all credibility in my eyes (and, it must be said, in the eyes of many, many others).  We faithful laity must hold fast to our Lord and our Lady, the Sacraments and our prayer lives, and demand action, not words, from these men who have once again betrayed our trust.  I have nothing more to say about them unless and until they show contrition and real resolve to purge their ranks.  For that, I am not holding my breath.  My wife and I are blessed to have good and faithful priests we can rely upon for the Sacraments and for good spiritual advice.  I pray that you have or can find the same, and that one day we again will be able to trust our “shepherds” not to be wolves.

Laity Demand Justice and Action 

Cardinal Newman Society: Restore Traditional Catholic Education

Laudamus Te, Jesus Christus!

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